Aluminum dome roof geodesic dome for water tanks

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Brand: YHR
Model Number: ADR-01
Place of Origin: Hebei, China
Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Installation methods: Inverted Installation

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Geodesic Roof

Geodesic roofs are the newest roof type developed by YHR engineer which is designed to march perfectly with YHR Steel Bolted Tanks. This type of roof is widely used for Potable water storage, waste water treatment and dry bulk storage.


JGJ 7                         Technical specification for spatial grid structures

GB 50017                  Design code for steel structures

GB 50205                  Code for acceptance of construction quality of steel structure engineering

GB 50341                   Design specification for vertical cylindrical welded steel oil tanks

GB 50128                   Code for construction and acceptance of vertical cylindrical welded steel storage tanks

API Std650                 Welded steel tanks for oil storage

Q/320791 JAG02        Reticulated housing for storage tanks



The light weight of the material and the advantaged framing system enable YHR Geodesic roof to be self supported on the tank wall and no in-tank column is needed, even with large tank diameter till 100 meter.

Safe structure to adapt different conditions

The roof’s well calculated and examined structure make it able to meet many challenge from the environment. The geodesic geometry can hold the high snow load, high wind load and the seismic zone. With the sealing system, the roof can achieve air-tightness under the atmosphere pressure, so to have great odor control performance.

Low Maintenance cost

YHR Geodesic Roof uses high quality Aluminum alloy, the material has a naturally corrosion resistance in the atmosphere. So during the tank’s life service time (more than 30 years), no maintenance will be needed, the roof will keep it’s beautiful appearance. In high corrosive environments, the roof can have further surface treatment such as Anodic Oxidation.

Easy and fast construction

The dome roof is designed to work with YHR bolted tank, the effective frame and sealing system allow rapid construction, the jacks used for YHR tank wall installation will also be able to used for the roof, no second investment will be needed. The workers can safely stay on the ground for the installation, and no experience are requested.

Company Profile

Beijing Yingherui Environmental Technology Co., Ltd (as known as YHR) is a Chinese National High-Tech Enterprise with more than 300 employees. YHR is the industry leading designer, manufacturer and erector of Bolted Storage Tanks.

YHR provides Bolted Glass-Fused-To-Steel Tanks, Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated Steel Tanks and Bolted Stainless Steel Tanks for Liquid and Dry Bulk Storage solution.

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