The mayor of Yongcheng investigated YHR Yongcheng Liangying large-scale biogas project

On October 27, 2020, Yongcheng Mayor Gao Dali led Qu Haibo, Secretary-General of the Municipal Government Office, and Deputy Mayor Liang in charge of Municipal Agriculture, Director Sun of the Agriculture and Rural Bureau, and Director Xue of the Animal Husbandry Bureau, and other relevant department heads of the city to visit a large-scale biogas project on-site to conduct field investigations. The project is built by Yongcheng Liangying Agricultural Waste Treatment Co., which is a subsidiary company of YHR.

The project is located in Peiqiao Town, Yongcheng City, and 4 CSTR integrated reactors is built, which are mainly used to treat manure from the Yongcheng COFCO Farm. The project can produce 8,750,000 m³/a of biogas, which can be used to generate electricity; the annual output of biogas is 16,800,000 kW·h, and the waste heat of power generation is used to increase the temperature of the site; the production of biogas residue is 5,000 t/a, and the biogas slurry is 550,000 t/ a, which are all applied to farmland as organic fertilizer.

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During the operation of the project, Liangying Company and the project owner, COFCO, adopted a third-party cooperation model of charging manure treatment fees. The COFCO Group focuses on pig breeding and  transporting manure to the biogas station. Liangying is responsible for the biogas fermentation to solve the problem of manure pollution. The biogas is used to generate electricity, which can continuously produce good environmental and economic benefits.

During the inspection, Mayor Gao and his entourage carefully watched the main equipment and facilities of the project, learned in detail about the current construction, production and operation, as well as the subsequent electricity generation, biogas residue and slurry treatment of the project, and listened carefully to the introduction of the project’s planning and construction, capital investment, project operation and project characteristics, highly praised the construction quality, the overall operation and the cooperation mode of the project built by Liangying.

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The treatment of agricultural organic waste has always been a major problem in rural development. In this regard, the full quantification and professional biogas treatment and utilization project built by Liangying can not only treat pig manure from pig farms, but also receive waste pollutants such as manure from other types of farms and crop straw in Yongcheng , and build a regional agricultural waste treatment center to solve the problems of aquaculture waste pollution, effectively guarantee the green, circular, and low-carbon development of the regional ecology, and help the construction of beautiful villages in China.

Post time: Jan-08-2021