Stable Biogas Purification System , Biogas Scrubbing System 0.7 – 0.75 Kg / L

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Coat Thickness: 0.25-0.45mm Holiday Test: Up To 1500V
Type: Bolted Steel Tank Material: Glass-Fused-To-Steel
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biogas purification equipment


h2s removal system

Large scale biogas plant Chemical desulphurization system/ H2S purification

Why we need desulphurization

Removal of H2S is often required for reasons of health, safety, environment and corrosion of equipment such as gas engines, boilers and piping. Desulphurization is also is necessary when biogas is upgraded to natural gas quality and injected in the grid.

1.iron oxide

Iron Oxide Desulfurizer is made of iron,manganese salt and their oxide as raw material,pass through the process chemosynthesis to be active oxide,then add the assistant and binder to make it columnar solid .

It has features of larger sulfur capacity ,small resistance,high purification capacity and good water resistance .

2.Physical&Chemical Properties and Service conditions

Item Index Remarks
Saturation sulfur capacity ≥550mg/g (under normal temperature, the original size)
Filling density 0.7~0.75kg/L
Water capacity ≥45.0%
Desulfurization precision ≤0.5ppm Contact time or 30 seconds, the import H2S10-15 mg/Nm3, airspeed acuities 1000 h – 1, temperature 15 °C to 55
specific surface area 70~80m2/g
Radial pressure strength ≥40N/cm
Moisture <10.0%
Grain degree φ3.5~5×L5~15
Water resistance strength With water or distilled water boiling 15 min above, not natural broken or mud change, flooding after drying constant regeneration activity
main ingredients Fe2O3·xH2O Fe(OH)3·xH2O
APPLICATIONS For the nature gas,coke oven gas, water gas , biogas

3.Desulfuration and Renewal Principles of the ferric oxide

Desulfuration Reaction: Fe2O3.H2O+3H2S=Fe2S3.H2O+3H2ORenewal Reaction: 2Fe2S3.H2O+3O2=2Fe2O3.H2O+6S (strong exothermic reaction)

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