Vertical, Cylindrical Sludge Holding Tank

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Brand: YHR
Model Number: FBE T-01
Certificates: NSF/ANSI 61 Certified and Listing
Place of origin: Hebei, China
Dry Film Thickness(interior): 5-10 mils / 150-250 microns
Dry Film Thickness(exterior): 4-9 mils/ 100-230 microns
Hot water immersion 90 days, 70°C: Pass
Adhesion after 7 days, 90°C water: ≥16MPa
Corrosion Resistance: Meets or exceeds industry norms
Impact Resistance: > 18 Joule
PH range: 3-13
Abrasion Resistance: CS-17, 1000g, 1000 cycles <40mg
Hardness: 2H
Chemical Immersion: 2 years no change
Holiday test: Discontinuity free (zero defects at test voltage)

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YHR Epoxy Tanks Technology

Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) is an electrostatically applied coating system with superior coverage and uniform coating thickness. AkzoNobel high-tech RESICOAT R4-ES used on the internal surface combined with the ultra durable INTERPON D2525 on the external surface ensures high performance corrosion resistanace for the storage tanks and silos.

The internal coating RESICOAT R4-ES is NSF/ANSI 61 certified for drinking water contact, and the internal contact surface of every panel are zero defects tested at 1100V before delivering to the clients.

Epoxy coating is the economical solution which ensures high performance corrosion resistance for storage tanks. All epoxy coated panels are finished in YHR's ISO 9001 certified factory before delivered to the clients.

√ 100% coverage on edges and holes by electrostatically painting


  1. Excellent anti-corrosion performance
  2. Flexibility, superior impact-resistance
  3. 100% coating coverage on panel edges and holes
  4. Fast installation with better quality: design, production and quality control in factory
  5. Safe, skill-free: less working aloft, no need for long time worker training
  6. Less influenced by local weather
  7. Long life time
  8. Low maintenance cost and easy to repair
  9. Possible to relocate, expand and reuse
  10. Beautiful appearance


Manufacturing Procedure

  1. Hanging
  2. Degrease and Rust Removal
  3. Degrease
  4. 1st wash
  5. 2nd wash
  6. Silicohydride treatment
  7. 3rd wash
  8. Dry
  9. Base coat- epoxy coating
  10. Base coat cured
  11. Top coat-polyester coating
  12. Top coat cured
  13. Cool down and take off

Quality Control

  • 1100V Holiday Test every panel
  • Coating Adhesion Test
  • Dry Film Thickness Test on both sides 
  • Mechanical Properties Test each batch
  • Color Compare Test each batch
  • Wet Sponge Test if required



Company Profile

About YHR
YHR is a Chinese National High-Tech Enterprise with more than 300 employes. We started our research of Glass-Fused-To-Steel Technology since 1995 and built the first China-Made Glass-Fused-To-Steel Tank independently in 1999. In 2017 and 2018, we absorbed investments from China Capital Management Co., Ltd. and Wens Foodstuff Group Co., Ltd. As the industry leader of Glass-Fused-To-Steel Tanks in Asia, and we has two modern manufacturing facilities of Glass-Fused-To-Steel Tanks in Caofeidian city and Jinzhou city, Heibei Province, China. Nowadays we are not only the leading Bolted Glass-Fused-To-Steel Tanks manufacturer, but also an integrated solution provider of biogas engineering. YHR is expanding oversea market rapidly, our Glass-Fused-To-Steel Tanks and equipment has been delivered to more than 70 countries.

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