How does YHR adjust its pace to develop internationally

The outbreak of epidemic has caused a great shock to the entire world, causing profound changes in the current global economic situation. This has caused Chinese companies to face a more sensitive and complex global situation, which has brought many challenges to their international development, but the pace of YHR’ s has not slowed down.

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On December 29, 2020, in order to clarify the strategic goal of overseas marketing in 2021 and adjust the strategic development in the next year, YHR invited Professor Cai Zhonghua from Beijing University of Chemical Technology to visit the company headquarters and teach enterprises’ internationalization strategy training through broadcast live. The senior leaders and overseas business department elites of YHR attended the meeting on-site.

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Professor Cai Zhonghua is a visiting scholar at the University of Nottingham, UK. He is mainly engaged in research on the “Belt and Road” strategy, technological innovation and intellectual property rights. His ”Belt and Road” research reports submitted have received important approvals from Chinese leaders many times.

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In the training course, Professor Cai explained the importance of the internationalization for Chinese companies, and warned about the business risks that various companies will encounter in the process of internationalization; at the same time, Professor Cai  pointed out the main direction of YHR’s internationalization strategy, as well as the various risk response measures that needs to prepare in advance. The participants were all absorbed in the training process and benefited a lot.

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After the training course, on-site and online learners exchanged and discussed with Professor Cai deeply on the actual problems in YHR’s overseas business in 2020, and found effective solutions to them.

Over the years, China has been developing rapidly. Chinese companies including YHR have continued to develop internationally through the “Belt and Road”, and in the process of advancing, they continue to experience ups and downs and to withstand hardships. But it is an inevitable choice for the company to grow bigger and stronger. Only when a company grows in the complex international market and investment environment, can it become stronger.

Post time: Jan-08-2021