YHR equipment continues to improve the level of standardization, integration and automation

The industry of China’s environmental protection equipment started in the 1960s. As an important part of the environmental protection industry , equipment manufacturing is one of the fundamental links of the whole environmental protection industry chain. Its technology level and development situation not only play a guiding role for the development of the industry, but also provide technical and material support. They are an important guarantee for achieving green development.

China’s policy support for many years, and gratifying changes in output value

Against the backdrop of the rapid advancement of ecological civilization construction, since 2012, the industry of environmental protection equipment manufacturing has been strongly supported by China’s policies.

In 2012, the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan for Environmental Protection Equipment” proposed to maintain an average annual growth of 20% in the total output value of the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry, and reach 500 billion in 2015; In 2014, the “Implementation Plan for Industrialization Projects of Major Environmental Protection Technology Equipment and Product” required that the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry’s total output value should reach 700 billion in 2016; In 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing”, in addition to affirming the status of that industry, it gave specific strategic layout guidance, and also proposed that the output value of that industry should reach 1,000 billion yuan by 2020; In 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology first formulated the “Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Industry (Atmospheric Controlling) Standard Conditions” and successively announced three batches of enterprises that meet the standard conditions; in July 2020, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment jointly issued a notice on the work of recommendation of the “Major Environmental Protection Technology and Equipment Catalogue Encouraged by the State (2020 Edition)”, emphasizing on accelerating the development and application of advanced environmental protection equipment, promoting the overall level and supply quality of environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry, and providing strong support for the construction of ecological civilization and high-quality economic development; Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology  formulated the “Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Industry (Sewage Treatment) Specification Conditions (Consultation Draft)” and others again to solicit external opinions.

With the support of favorable policies and the continuous progress of pollution prevention and control, the scale of environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry is rapidly expanding, and the total output value of the industry increases year by year. According to previous statistics, the annual output value of that industry was only 30 billion yuan in 2020; in 2005, it rose to 53 billion yuan; in 2016, it was 620 billion yuan; in 2018, it was 690 billion yuan, achieving an increase of 13% compared with 2017, and the profitability reached 8%. A professional organization predicts that with the expansion of the pollution prevention market demand, the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry will usher in a period of rapid development. It will be favored by both policies and the market, and is expected that the annual output value of the industry will reach 1 trillion yuan by 2020.

In the future, driven by relevant policies, China’s environmental protection equipment market demand will continue to grow, and the scale of the industry will continue to expand. According to the statistics of China Business Industry Research Institute, China’s environmental protection equipment market will reach 1.48 trillion yuan by 2025.

jtyj (2)The development of environmental protection equipment standardization, integration and automation is in urgent need of technological innovation and breakthroughs

In the context of expansion of market demand and industry scale, with the promoting of environmental governance, the role of technology has become increasingly prominent. However, the current industry competition is disordered, technical research and development conditions are poor, and some key equipment and core components are restricted by others. Therefore, the key to deep-seated problems in the field of environmental protection is technology.

In the “Guiding Opinions on Building a Modern Environmental Governance System” issued by the General Office of the State Council, it  proposed “strengthen the independent innovation of key environmental protection technology products, promote the demonstration and application of the first major environmental protection technology equipment, and accelerate the improvement of environmental protection technology and equipment”to the industry. And the recommendation work requires that the recommended technical equipment should break through the technical bottlenecks in the core technology of environmental protection equipment and supporting parts, materials, pharmaceuticals and other fields, and at the same time continuously improve the standardization, integration and automation of environmental protection equipment.

It can be seen that, in the future development, leading enterprises in environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry will develop into integrated service providers integrating system design, equipment manufacturing, engineering construction, commissioning and maintenance, and operation management; small and medium-sized enterprises will focus on product specialization, deepening of research and development, specialization of services and new types of business forms, and form a group of clusters led by leading enterprises, supporting by small and medium enterprises, and the industry chain will develop coordinately.

jtyj (1)According to the prediction of the China Commercial Industry Research Institute, the environmental protection equipment industry will have the following development trends in the future:

The technical level will be greatly improved. In the future, the industry will aim to make breakthroughs in key common technologies, rely on key common technologies of the industry, and use the industrial chain as a link to create technological innovation centers and industrial technology innovation alliances.

Production is intelligent and green. The environmental protection equipment industry will improve the level of intelligent manufacturing and information management, and achieve lean management of the production process.

Product diversification and brand development. The companies will gradually develop and form integrated products for different industries with independent intellectual property rights. In view of environmental governance costs and operating efficiency, the companies will focus on the development of intelligent, energy-saving advanced and efficient environmental protection equipment, according to users’ governance needs and operating environment, will create customized products. At the same time, the companies will strengthen the brand building of environmental protection equipment products and establish brand cultivation management system.

Expand international market. Environmental protection equipment companies will participate in the construction and operation of overseas environmental protection projects through technology introduction, cooperative research and development, direct investment, etc., and adopt complementary advantages and strong alliances to actively expand foreign markets.

YHR is armed with environmental technology to create a global integrated environmental protection equipment supplier

Beijing Yingherui Technology Co., Ltd. (also called YHR) was established in 2005. YHR is a global integrated environmental protection equipment supplier and agricultural organic waste overall solution service provider. And it is a national high-tech enterprise that can export integrated service including system design, equipment manufacturing, engineering construction, commissioning and maintenance, operation and management to the market.

jtyj (3)For a long time, YHR attaches great importance to science and technology, and recruits professionals for scientific research and innovation. In 1999, YHR first completed the Glass-Fuused-to-Steel tank independently designed and manufactured by the Chinese. Compared with other tanks, GFS tank achieved breakthrough in materials, anti-corrosion technology and installation methods, and is an advanced tank-making technology, has become the main product of YHR in its years of development. In 2015, YHR took the lead in drafting China’s GFS tank industry standards. In 2018, YHR self-produced GFS tank was the first in Asia to get the NSF/ANSI 61 Certification.

With the commissioning of the new equipment manufacturing base of YHR in 2019, the production process of YHR Environmental Protection Equipment has improved the level of information management, and realized lean management of the production process . The production base has advanced enamel steel plate production lines, dust-free  double membrane gas holder processing workshops, non-standard equipment machining workshops, etc. The production process strictly implements Chinese standards and has international competitiveness.

jtyj (4)In recent years, in addition to the enamel assembly tank, YHR R&D team has developed integrated environmental protection equipment products such as biological desulfurization systems and biogas upgrading systems through technological innovation. These equipment have been exported to Russia, Australia, Greece, Africa, South America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. YHR has accumulated many cases of environmental protection projects of different scales and industries, provided high-quality services for many domestic and foreign customers.

Join forces to create core competitiveness

of environmental protection technology

In December 2019, YHR and Guangdong Juncheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. merged and reorganized into Juncheng Herui Environmental Technology Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as “JCHR”), YHR became a holding subsidiary of JCHR.

jtyj (5)At present, JCHR and Tsinghua University, Sun Yat-sen University, Renmin University of China, China Agricultural University, South China University of Technology, South China Agricultural University, Guangdong University of Technology, Nanjing Agricultural University, Southwest Forestry University and other key universities have established good industry-university-research cooperation relationship, and formed a scientific research organization system of “one institute, two centers”. The Environmental Protection Research Institute was established in Guangdong. Relying on the original Juncheng Biotechnology team, the “South” research center was established; relying on the original Beijing YHR technical team, the “North” research center was established, two centers jointly commit to applied research and promotion of  environmental protection technology and new environmental protection materials, and further build the company’s core environmental protection technology and competitiveness.

The core technology of equipment manufacturing is the key to the growth of enterprises. In the future, YHR will continue to strengthen its innovation power, master core technologies of environmental protection equipment through technology introduction, cooperative research and development and other ways, and continuously improve the standardization, integration and automation of environmental protection equipment, to make contributions to the Chinese environmental protection cause.

Post time: Jan-08-2021