YHR Manufacturing Base helps the development of environmental protection industry

The environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry provides technical and material foundations for environmental protection. The construction of smart production base has become the development trend of the manufacturing industry. Today, Tangshan Yingherui Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing Yingherui Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., provides standardized, integrated and professional equipment products for the environmental protection industry.

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Tangshan YHR Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is a smart production base of environmental protection equipment invested and constructed by YHR in 2017. It is located in Caofeidian, Tangshan City, Hebei Province. The park covers an area of 100 More than acres, has been built into a product manufacturing center with environmental protection equipment as the core, covering the enamel steel plate assembly line, dust-free biogas double membrane gas holder processing workshop, non-standard equipment machining workshop, intelligent park management systems and many other smart production equipment.


Tangshan YHR Intelligent Manufacturing Base is based on modern information technologies such as cloud computing, mobile internet, and big data. Through perceptualization, interconnection, platformization, and integration, the production automation management system, communication automation system, and safety monitoring automation system is organically integrated, integrating  advantages like intelligence, energy saving, emission reduction, green environmental protection, and following international standards. It can provide the industry with standardized, intelligent, integrated environmental protection equipment products. The annual design and production capacity of the base is more than 100,000 sheets of enameled steel plates. And it is the first in Asia to get the NSF/ANSI 61 standard certification.

At present, the environmental protection equipment products manufactured by Tangshan Yingherui Manufacturing Base have been used in the large-scale biogas project of the pig farm of Ruiheng Company in Karamay City, the Wulian Landfill Leachate Treatment Project in Shandong, the Binh Dinh Pig Farm Sewage Treatment Project in Vietnam, the Drinking Water Storage Tank Project in Maldives, the Beer Wastewater Treatment Project in Solomon, the Landfill Leachate Treatment Project in Solomon, Sri Lanka, and many other domestic and foreign environmental protection projects.

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Since it was put into production, Tangshan Yingherui has made full use of its own scientific research and intelligent manufacturing advantages, empowered park operations with intelligence, promoted the efficient allocation of innovative resources, and provided customers with personalized equipment customization services, equipment installation, maintainence and operation service , etc., and is committed to becoming a world-class supplier of integration environmental protection equipment.

Post time: Jan-08-2021