Safety Dry Scrubber System , H2s Removal System Low Hydrogen Sulfide Content

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Item: Dry Desulfurization System Material: Glass-Fused-To-Steel
Type: Bolted Steel Tank Coat Thickness: 0.25-0.45mm
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biogas purification equipment


biogas scrubbing system

Dry type desulfurization system/ H2S remove system

Why we need desulphurization

Removal of H2S is often required for reasons of health, safety, environment and corrosion of equipment such as gas engines, boilers and piping. Desulphurization is also is necessary when biogas is upgraded to natural gas quality and injected in the grid.

Dry desulfurization system is a standardized desulfurization process designed by our company based on the users’ gas hydrogen sulfide (H2S) content, the actual gas volume, the required life cycle and the professional design and production. Tailor-made design dimensions and internal structure. Different types of gas, hydrogen sulfide content in different gases, different gas pressure requirements of the design of the desulfurization equipment is different in size, the internal structure is different. The desulfurization system is suitable for the gas with low hydrogen sulfide content and low gas flow rate, and the requirement of desulfurization precision is high, especially for prolonging the service life of the generator and the follow-up equipments.

Dry desulfurization principle:

The basic principle of dry removal of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in methane gas is a method of O2 oxidation of H2S to sulfur or sulfur oxide, also known as dry oxidation method. The formation of dry equipment is, in a container into the filler, the filler layer has activated carbon, iron oxide, etc.. The gas in low flow from one end of the container through the filler layer, hydrogen sulfide (H2S) oxidation of sulfur or sulfur oxides, remaining in the filler layer, the purified gas is discharged from the other end of the container.

Dry desulfurization characteristics:

1. Simple structure, easy to use.

2. Unattended, regular refueling work process, with a prepared, alternate operation.

3. Operating cost is high.

4. Compared with wet desulfurization, it needs regular refueling.

5. Suitable for the treatment of small gas, high desulfurization accuracy of the gas, with the rapid detection of hydrogen sulfide test tube to determine the effect of inorganic sulfur removal can be reduced to 15ppm.

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